Site C opposition June 15th 2017

A large crowd gathered In the rain outside BC Hydro’s offices in Vancouver to protests the Site C dam Thursday, June 15, 2017. Gordon August, Hereditary chief says awareness of the project is growing.
“A lot of people didn’t know nothing about Site C dam 15 months ago,” said Gordon August, hereditary chief of the Sechelt First Nation, and co-founder of the Fight C group. “In Vancouver, I think now after the election, a lot of people know about the Site C dam. Now we have a government that’s in and it’s up to us to make them do what we want them to do… make them work for the people of B.C. and not for the corporations.

As part of this crowd I was glad to add voice to the opposition of this project and to listen and talk with others that work so hard to prevent this development happening. I am encouraged and I hope everyone is encouraged to spread awareness of this issue to friends and neighbors as well as to write to members of parliament , let our provincial and federal elected members know of our personal opposition to this project. Write letters to the editor and speak out whenever possible.
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