Beresford It’s eviction day

Protest to mark eviction day at two Metrotown apartment buildings in Burnaby @ Beresford and Silver across from Metrotown shopping mall. The City of Burnaby has approved the rezoning application of Belford Properties to develop the site for two luxury condo towers to build twin High rise condos. A number of these old apartment buildings have been demolished in the neighborhood to make way for new condo developments. While many people have found suitable accommodations, many others have either found very unsatisfactory accommodations or have not found anything suitable do to the extremely low vacancy rate in the area. several tenants are still living inside even on eviction day.

A protest was held to mark the eviction of tenants from the two apartment buildings. The rally held by anti-demoviction protesters started at 5 p.m. was slow to start but eventually many showed up and began to paint their thoughts on the side of one of the buildings being demolished.

Demonstrators are asking the city for an immediate freeze on demolitions, a guarantee of social housing, and replacement rental housing similar to policies like the City of Vancouver.

Please check the Alliance Against Displacement Facebook page for more information

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